Curriculum vitae (update 10/02/2018)
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Xavier Garcia, 1959

Composer and improviser, he's interested into both things as creating music in studio and playing live on stage. He has composed nearly 30 electronic pieces in INA GRM (Paris), GMVL (Lyon), or "at home". Since 1987, he's a member of the "ARFI" (Association looking for an imaginary folklore) : he plays sampler and electronic devices in ARFI 's groups , shows and movie concerts as "L'Effet Vapeur", "La Marmite Infernale",  "Bobines Mélodies", "Actuel Remix" ...
He plays also in solo and leads some different projects as "Virtuel Meeting", "Radiorama", "Reel Meeting". He plays in duo with Lionel Marchetti.

He works with stage directors (Jean Paul Delore,Laurent Verceletto), art designers (Philippe Mouillon), movie directors (Lorenzo Recio), vidéo artists, ans other musicians (Brian Eno, Heiner Goebbels, Chris Cutler, ...)